Returning a Camera or NVR (not Defective)

Arcdyn will accept returns for equipment that is not defective within 30 days of the purchase date. 

The following items must be true to return a product and receive a full refund:

  • Items must be returned in original packaging and in new condition.  All accessories that come standard with the item must also be included in the return shipment as well.
  • All items must be undamaged and in their original cartons and packaging along with all accessories, documentation, and parts.
  • No wires or pigtails can be cut.
  • No water damage can be present or detectable.
  • The product exterior must be intact and unmarked.
  • The original product box must be shipped in another "shipping" box (just like the way we shipped it to you).
  • No postmarks, labels, writing, or other damage can be on original product boxes.
  • Product is returned with the correct RMA#.
  • Please allow up to 7 business days for testing and confirmation before a refund can be issued.

Products not returned in their original package or without standard accessories may be rejected or subject to a restocking fee up to 30% of the purchase price.

Cameras that require opening to install (e.g. Dome Cameras) with evidence of water damage will be rejected. Water intrusion on this style of camera is usually due to improper installation which is not covered under the warranty and therefore may be rejected.

Arcdyn does not pay for return shipping if the customer returns equipment that is not defective.

To request an RMA number call us at 855-272-6682.

Advanced Replacement

For approved dealers, Arcdyn will send an Advanced Replacement for any defective products purchased from us that are within the Limited Warranty period. 

In order to receive an Advanced Replacement, the dealer must:

  1. Be approved for Advanced Replacement.
  2. Give Arcdyn Tech Support the opportunity to troubleshoot the product remotely to confirm that our product is indeed defective.
  3. Have an active payment method on file with Arcdyn (CC or ACH). 
  4. Give approval for that payment method to be charged in the event that the returned items are determined to not be defective or that the RMA items are not returned within 30 days.

Advanced Replacement Process

  • Once the product is approved by an Arcdyn Tech for RMA, Arcdyn will create an RMA and a return shipping label.
  • The customer will receive an Order Confirmation for a Replacement Order, as well as a shipping label to ship the defective camera back within 30 days.
  • The Replacement Order will be closed after we receive the defective unit and can confirm it is in fact defective.
  • Testing of returned products may take 3-5 business days after the receipt of the product. 

Failure to Return or Returning a non-defective product.

  • If we do not receive the defective product within 30 days, payment for the Replacement Order will be processed via the dealers Payment Method on file.
  • If the returned product is determined to not be defective it will be returned to the dealer and payment will be processed for the Replacement Order via the dealers Payment Method on file.
  • If an Advanced Replacement is issued and the camera is not defective (i.e. a bad cable or other improper setup), the customer will receive a "strike."  3 of these strikes will invoke a temporary disqualification for Advanced Replacements.
  • If the dealer fails to return a defective unit within 30 days, a hold will be placed on their account until they either return the defective product or pay for the Replacement product.