About Arcdyn Security

Arcdyn, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of security and access control equipment based in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC.

At Arcdyn our mission is to provide the absolute best product and service to our customers. Here's why...

It seems like we hear it a hundred times a day... "I bought this cheap security system from a big warehouse store and it broke in a month" or "I can't get any support from my system's manufacturer" or "My supplier won't replace a broken unit and my customer is pissed!" It's something we encounter constantly. And that is exactly why we started Arcdyn. We strive to be the best, especially when it comes to the quality of our product and the quality of our support.

Opening An Account Is Simple.

If you're looking to become a dealer, we've got you covered. You need a supplier that will stand behind their product and support you in the field. Our support is free and world class, so you can always count on us and always talk with a real person. We're here to support every purchase you make and ensure you get the job done right.

If you're a company or corporation looking to buy or upgrade a large surveillance system and handle your own installation, we've got you covered too. Give us a call and we'll ask you some questions and create a system around your needs.

Design a system

The security experts at Arcdyn are here to be a resource for you throughout the purchasing process. Run each project you have by us to ensure a smooth and problem free install. We can do a layout coverage map for you to give to your customer. We can also ensure the system is spec'd properly to satisfy your customer's needs and properly integrate with ancillary systems

World Class Support

Once you purchase, we don't disappear. Support is always 100% free from one of our expert techs here is the US of A. Whether it's a quick question or a full system setup, we're here every step of the way.

We can handle the configuration of your system, solve any technical issues, and can answer any questions you have. Need training on our equipment? Check out our training videos or schedule a live demo with one of our techs. Have a question on configuration while on a job site and the customer is breathing down your neck? Drop your question into our live chat or give us a quick call. We can even remote into your tech’s laptop to troubleshoot any issues. And, In the rare case you have equipment fail on a job site, we’ll send an advanced replacement immediately, minimizing downtime for your customers. Because our R&D team does the research to make sure only the highest quality components are built into our equipment, we warranty all of our cameras and NVRs for 3 years.

What you purchase with Arcdyn isn't just IP Cameras & security equipment, it's peace of mind.

We do security differently.

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