How To Create an Account Via the Guarding Vision App

Step One

Download Guarding Vision for your Apple or Android device.


Step Two

Tap Guarding Vision icon on the bottom bar.


Step Three

Tap the login button


Step Four

Tap the Register link


Step Five

Tap register by e-mail


Step Six

Select the region


Step Seven

In the top right hand corner tap finish


Step Eight

Enter your e-mail


Step Nine

Enter the code you recieved in your e-mail


Step Ten

Create your username and password


Step Eleven

Tap the plus symbol


Step Twelve

Scan the QR code on the NVR. If you are not sure how to find the QR code on your NVR/DVR watch the video at the top of the page.


Step Thirteen

Tap the Add Button

Step Fourteen

Tap the checkmark

Step Fifteen

Tap a camera to start live view