Downloading Footage With Internet Explorer

Downloading Footage to your Home PC

using Internet Explorer


Required Items 1

Procedure 1

Download & Install Software 1

Launch IE & Login to Recorder 1

Add a Shortcut on Desktop 3

Make Shortcut 3

Edit Shortcut 7

Test Shortcut 8

Playback & Downloading 9

Video 12

Required Items

Before you start logging into the NVR to see and download your recorded footage lets make sure you have everything you need.

  1. Plugin (Download Here)

  2. WMP Codec (Download Here)

  3. Internet Explorer (Referenced as IE)

  4. Personal Computer

  5. Local Network Access


Download & Install Software

Please download and install the NVR Plugin & Windows Media Player Codec.

Launch IE & Login to Recorder

Launch the run app by searching “run” in the windows search bar.

After clicking the Run App, you should see a dialog box like this.

Type "iexplore" and click ok or hit Enter

Once internet explorer opens type in the recorders address. (

Using your username and Password login in to the recorder. You should see a screen like this.

Add a Shortcut on Desktop

So, we don’t have to repeat the above steps every time you need to save footage we will make a

shortcut that makes this process much smoother, with less things to remember.

Make Shortcut

Right Click on your desktop and select New>Shortcut


In the next Dialog Box Click “Browse”

Find “This PC” and expand the tree and look for the Local Disk/OS (C: Drive). Then Open the tree menu

for the C Drive


Now Find the Folder Named Program Files and look for Internet Explorer


Open the internet Explorer Folder and select iexplore and click OK


Click Next


Type in a Name for your shortcut and click “Finish”


Edit Shortcut

Right Click the Shortcut on the Desktop and go to Properties


Click the Advanced Button & Check the Box “Run as Administrator” & click OK


Next edit the Target textfield. Put your cursor all the way to the right and enter the following text: “”  make sure to include a space between the quotes as seen below. Click Apply once you are done


Test Shortcut

Now that we have finished making the custom shortcut let’s make sure it works by double clicking it. If

everything was done correctly you should see the login screen.


Playback & Downloading

Login to your recorder and go to the Playback Menu. On the left hand side are the cameras, and on the

right you can see the days with recording are reprsented by “blue tick” marks. Select your camera on the

left by clicking, select the day you want to see footage on by clicking a day then click the search button.


Next click the play button to start footage from that day.


The easiest method to download footage is by using the clipping tool when the footage is playing. It is the scissor icon on the player bar.


Right before the event starts you will want to click the scissors icon, it should turn red to indicate that it is working.


When the event is finished click the Scissors again to Export and download the footage. If you are fast enough you can click the pop-up link and it will take you to your downloaded footage.


To find your downloaded Video go to the Configuration screen. This will tell you the folder that it is located in.



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