Washington I-502 Compliance - Cannabis Security

Washington state Law requires that all growers, processors, and retailers have a surveillance system installed and operational. The detailed text of the laws are displayed below.

Here is the full text pertaining to Surveillance Systems as stated in WAC 314-55-083 

(3) Surveillance system. At a minimum, a licensed premises must have a complete video surveillance system with minimum camera resolution of 640 x 470 pixels or pixel equivalent for analog. The surveillance system storage device and/or the cameras must be internet protocol (IP) compatible. All cameras must be fixed and placement shall allow for the clear and certain identification of any person and activities in controlled areas of the licensed premises. All entrances and exits to an indoor facility shall be recorded from both indoor and outdoor, or ingress and egress vantage points. All cameras must record continuously twenty-four hours per day and at a minimum of ten frames per second. The surveillance system storage device must be secured on the licensed premises in a lockbox, cabinet, closet, or secured in another manner to protect from employee tampering or criminal theft. All surveillance recordings must be kept for a minimum of forty-five days on the licensee's recording device. All videos are subject to inspection by any WSLCB employee or law enforcement officer, and must be copied and provided to the WSLCB or law enforcement officer upon request. All recorded images must clearly and accurately display the time and date. Time is to be measured in accordance with the U.S. National Institute Standards and Technology standards.


(a) Controlled areas include:


(i) Any area within an indoor, greenhouse or outdoor room or area where marijuana is grown, or marijuana or marijuana waste is being moved within, processed, stored, or destroyed. Rooms or areas where marijuana or marijuana waste is never present are not considered control areas and do not require camera coverage.


(ii) All point-of-sale (POS) areas.


(iii) Twenty feet of the exterior of the perimeter of all required fencing and gates enclosing an outdoor grow operation. Any gate or other entry point that is part of the required enclosure for an outdoor growing operation must be lighted in low-light conditions. A motion detection lighting system may be employed to light the gate area in low-light conditions.


(iv) Any room or area storing a surveillance system storage device.


(b) All marijuana, marijuana concentrates, or marijuana-infused products that are intended to be removed or transported between two licensed premises shall be staged in an area known as the "quarantine" location for a minimum of twenty-four hours. Transport manifest with product information and weights must be affixed to the product. At no time during the quarantine period can the product be handled or moved under any circumstances and is subject to auditing by the WSLCB or designees.

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